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Christmas invest bouns !

Dear Clients!

Our slogan is: Deposit now and withdraw next hour.
Let us in the crazy promotion to welcome the arrival of Christmas! Because we are running very well many members accompany us for more than 190 days and earned huge profit!
1. All deposits of more than $ 300 will receive a 50% bonus. You can withdraw bonus directly!
2. All deposits of more than $ 1000 will receive a 100% bonus. You can withdraw bonus directly!
3. All deposits of more than $ 3000 will receive 300% bonus. You can withdraw bonus directly!

Meet multiple conditions, in accordance with the best conditions add bonus.
During the promotion period, you can repeat the deposit multiple times to get different bonuses.
This Promotion will continue until December 31st from now.

Our new slogan is: Deposit now, withdraw next hour and withdraw bouns immediately!

Best regards,
Btcsun Inc.
Dec-24-2016 09:12:14 AM


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